How to purchase FP Card

We accept purchases of FP CARD only at BTC.


FP CARD purchase procedure

Purchase commentary-01

1. Access the FP CARD purchase site and tap "Purchase here".

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2. Set the quantity to purchase.
(The number of KYC authentication at the time of card activation is limited to one per person.)

3. Tap the "Add to shopping cart" button.

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4. You can reset the quantity in the cart.

5. If you need to reset the items, tap the "Update shopping cart" button after determining the quantity.

6. If there is no mistake in the number of purchases and the price, tap the "Proceed to payment" button.

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7 ~ 15. Please fill in each form referring to the input example.

16. Please read and agree to the terms of use before checking.

17. Tap the order button.

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18. Make a note of your order number.
(Required when there is an inquiry etc.)

19. Check the deposit price displayed below the QR code.

20. Send Bitcoin to the displayed QR code.

21. Tap the blue button when payment is complete.

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22. When the payment is completed, the "Payment completed" screen will be displayed.

* The card will be shipped within a minimum of one week after the order is confirmed.
* Currently, due to the effects of coronavirus infection, logistics are delayed, so shipping may be delayed for up to 2 to 3 months.


In case of payment failure

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23. If the payment fails, the message "Receipt is not completed" is displayed.

* It may take some time to reflect after the Bitcoin payment is completed, so please wait a few minutes and then tap the blue button for payment completion again.
* If you mistakenly send an amount different from the displayed amount, payment will fail, so please check the correct amount before sending again.


FP CARD does not require any admission fee or annual membership fee.
And now you can buy an 800 USD card for 450 USD.

FP CARD has an admission fee and annual membership fee
No need at all.
And now, with an 800 USD card
You can buy it for 450 USD.